Vetiver Essential Oil

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Our Vetiver Essential Oil can balance the central nervous system. It has a good calming effect and can make people feel refreshed. It can improve stress, anxiety, insomnia, and anxiety. It enhances immune capacity, reduce the chance of disease. It strengthens red blood cells, promotes blood function, may treat arthritis, rheumatism, and muscle pain.

Vetiver is a versatile oil that can enhance sensual emotions and deep concentration. Diffuse Vetiver in your reading nook or bedroom as you seek your emotional center. It is very effective for oily skin and acne. It can sterilize anti-inflammatory, promote wound healing, and can treat acne. It promotes regeneration and healing of body cells. It can also be used for stretch marks and hemorrhoids.

Vetiver essential oil is derived through the steam distillation of the plant's roots. It has a strong initial aroma and is described as woody, smokey, earthy, herbaceous, and spicy.

  • Helps enhance libido and awaken sexual desire.
  • Helps provide relief to insomnia patients.
  • Helps speed up the eradication of scars and other skin marks.
  • Helps provide relief from all types of inflammation.
  • Helps improve and maintain good nerve health.
  • Assists in rejuvenating the body and helps boost immunity.


Latin name: Vetiveria zizanioides
Country of origin: Haiti
Part of the plant: Roots (dried then soaked)
Obtained by: Hydro-diffused
Main biochemical components*: Vetiverol, alpha-vetivol, beta-vetivene
Properties: Antiseptic, antispasmodic, nervine, sedative.