Waterless Essential Oil Nebulizer

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This essential oil nebulizer requires no water, but only essential oils. The nebulizer diffuses essential oils in its purest form, retaining the benefits of essential oils and making the aroma smell stronger and linger longer. Perfect to use around the home, workplace, and travel.


1. Adopting air pumping technology, preserving the properties of essential oils.
2. Add essential oils directly, physical diffusion without heating and water.
3. Rechargeable, easy to carry, built-in 2000mah lithium battery suitable for all occasions.
4. Detachable nozzle, easy to clean and change different essential oils.
5. Three intermittent mist modes (15s/60s/120s)
6. Four timing modes (1H\2H\3H\continuous)
7. Suitable for multi-spaces
8. The biggest feature of this machine: the first one on the market, using heavy oil will not leak. Oil leakage during carrying will not damage the internal circuit and air pump of the machine, free from after-sales risks.


1. Fully charge the power, long press to turn on the power, take the bottle plug on the USB line to plug the spray nozzle, take out the oil bottle, turn off the machine, put the oil bottle back into the tank after adding pure essential oil, and long press the power button to work;
2. Touch the switch to select the timing mode (1H2H\3H\continuous work);
3. Touch cycle button to select the intermittent spary mode (first gear 15s-165s, second gear 60s-120s, third gear 120s-60s), first gear is suitable for car or small study space fragrance;
4. This product has a timing function. After setting the timing working time and intermittent spray time and shut down. Next time, it will work according to the current setting by default. Note: During charging, the indicator light will flash, and the indicator light will turn blue after 6H of full charge. The working time of three atomized ranges is 72H\16H\8H.


If the nozzle is clogged, please replace the essential oil with rubbing alcohol and run the diffuser for at least 20 mins to clean. 


Material: Aluminium alloy + GLASS
Power supply: DC USB 5V 1A
USB length: 100cm (stopper included)
Power: approx 3W
Battery: 1*18650 2000MAH lithium battery
Charing time: 6H
Run time: 72H, 16H, 8H under full charge
Air pump: DC5V/AM370APM1.3L
Hourly essential oil atomized volume: 0.15\0.6\1.2 ml/H
Essential oil capacity: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml
Mist Spray time: 15s on/165s off, 60s on/120s off, 120s on/60s off
Timer: 1H\2H\3H\continuous
Coverage: Around 10-80 sq.m
Color: green, purple, brown, black, grey

Included/Package list

- 1 x Diffuser 1 x Atomizing Nozzle 1 x 10ml Empty Essential Oil Bottle 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x Manual